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Crane Technologies

Crane Technologies is the leading Russian producer of tower cranes. The company is head-quartered in Chelyabinsk while the production site is located in Nyazepetrovsk, a small city in the Urals some 250 km from Chelyabinsk. Its customers include construction equipment rental companies and construction companies.

CapMan Russia acquired a significant stake in the Crane Technologies in April 2010 after the company had badly suffered from the 2008 global crisis and consequent major down-turn in the construction sector. The aim of the investment was to support the company’s recovery in order to become an even bigger player in the Russian market than it used to be. CapMan's investment played a decisive role in saving several hundreds of work-places in a city whose wealth is largely dependent on the crane factory.

CapMan Russia invested in Crane Technologies, apart from capitalising from the recovery of the construction sector in Russia, because of its strong management team and technological leadership among its Russian competitors. “Our investment team has worked closely with the management of the company to implement a modernisation plan enabling the company to produce a full range of modern tower cranes, which can compete with Western manufacturers. We have also helped to improve the company’s standards in all aspects of corporate governance”, says Alberto Morandi, Partner at CapMan Russia in charge of the investment. From a strategic point of view, the company has started to reduce its dependence on the construction industry, entering the sector of industrial cranes.

Crane Technologies has benefitted from the construction boom in Russia, which has been caused by several big events like 2014 Winter Olympics that will be organised in Sotchi. The company is currently building a nation-wide network of service centres, which will guarantee its clients the necessary level of post-sale support. “Our aim is to create the un-disputed Russian leader that would be an interesting target for strategic investors looking for a foot-hold in the fast growing Russian market“, Morandi explains.

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