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Shopping Centre Skanssi

The Skanssi shopping centre in Turku is an environmental pioneer in Finnish retailing – it is committed to generating a small environmental footprint and being an exciting destination for shoppers at the same time.

The CapMan Real Estate II fund acquired Skanssi when it was being built in summer 2007. Today, the centre is home to some 90 speciality shops, the majority of which focus on fashion, clothing, and home furnishings. In addition, Skanssi has an extensive range of coffee shops and restaurants. Skanssi has around 36,900 m2 of lettable space, which currently makes it Finland’s tenth-largest shopping centre.

Environmental issues have been a priority at Skanssi from construction onwards. The aim has been to reduce the impact the centre has on the environment, while cutting maintenance and upkeep costs. ”Energy efficiency is a growing trend in the property sector worldwide, and international investors are paying increasing attention to the environmental footprint of real estate properties”, says Liisa Nikkanen, Shopping Centre Manager at CapMan Real Estate. “The shoppers who visit Skanssi and the retailers there have responded very favourably to the centre’s proactive approach to environmentally friendly property development”, Nikkanen continues.

Skanssi was completed in summer 2009 and it was the first new shopping centre in Northern Europe to be awarded a LEED environmental certificate in 2010 for its achievements during the construction phase. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a certification tool designed to promote good design, construction, and responsible building use, and is based on impartial third-party audits. In the audit, Skanssi received a high score in energy efficiency, site waste management, material use, the quality of its internal environment, and landscaping and landscape management. “Good performance is attributable to our systematic work towards creating a more environmentally friendly building”, Nikkanen says.

Green considerations are part of the centre’s day-to-day operations. “We use green electricity and operate a number of initiatives to manage water and energy consumption and maximise waste recycling. Various events and campaigns are also organised to promote environmental thinking”, Nikkanen says. Skanssi is currently working towards achieving a gold LEED operations and maintenance certificate. To obtain certification, properties must meet an extensive range of requirements in areas such as water use, energy management, and material recycling.

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